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Dynamatic’s Swindon plant has built up a wealth of experience with fan drive applications for vehicles and machines operating both on and off the highway. This has been achieved by providing system solutions which integrate market leading hydraulic pumps and motors.

Dynamatic's hydraulic fan drive system provides:

  • On-Off and fully modulating controls

  • Increased engine reliability

  • Decreased fan noise

  • Flexible cooling pack positioning

  • Vehicle fuel savings

  • Integrated systems

  • Lower operating costs

Typical application
ith its flexibility versatility, and reliability Dynamatic’s fan drive systems, may be applied in numerous applications, including the following.

  •  Agriculture machinery 

  •  Construction machinery 

  •  Material handling vehicles 

  •  Road building vehicles 

  •  Forestry machinery 

  •  On highway vehicles

Hydraulic fan drive systems allow cooling fan power consumption to be tailored to specific system requirements. These systems provide a precise, modulated cooling flow for a given set of monitored conditions. Hydraulic fan drive systems allow fan speed to be trimmed so the fan can be efficiently sized at low engine speeds without drawing excessive power at high speeds.

Dynamatic's engineering strength in Swindon and Bangalore provides detailed solutions for all applications and new products are under development to expand the range to work on modern CanBus control systems.

The range of products also includes single and tandem gear pumps that can be supplied with integral flow dividers and load sense flow dividers offering fan drive and power steering solutions for mobile applications. 

A range of open centre piston units are available with integrated electric controls specifically for fan drive systems.


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