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Dynamatic Ltd UK is a private limited company registered in England and Wales under registered number 06243736 whose registered office address is at Cheney Manor, Swindon. Wiltshire. SN2 2PZ.

Six decades of Engineering and manufacturing excellence.

The Swindon facility has a long history of manufacturing that stretches back to the 1950’s.
1946 – 1981
In 1946 the Plessey Company based in Vicarage Road, Ilford, Essex were designing and producing airborne and ground support electronic equipment such as radio and radar systems. They also held many manufacturing licenses for other products associated with the aircraft industry which were in support of the war effort. Amongst these were Borg Warner licenses for aircraft engine starters, fuel and hydraulic pumps. The hydraulic pump licence was basically for a split bearing design of pump designated as the Alpha range.

As the hydraulics industry grew it was decided in 1955 to split hydraulics into two divisions.  Fuel Systems went to Titchfield, Hampshire and Industrial Hydraulics moved to Swindon, Wiltshire.

By this time the original Borg Warner licence was superseded by Plessey developed products with the invention of the figure 8 bearing and double ended pressure loading concepts. This was designated as the Beta pump family which became, and remains the industry standard.  The growth of the business was based on the massively expanding tractor market. Very close relationships were in place with Ford, David Brown, Massey Ferguson and many other smaller manufacturers. The first custom designed pumps were made for Ford in 1955 and these were the original dinner plate configuration.

The Swindon business continued to expand within the tractor market with production of hydraulic rams, mono-block valves and cam lobe motors for hydrostatic steering.

By 1969 there were 1,100 employees in Swindon including 60 engineers in two separate departments. The first was ‘Power’ who concentrated on pumps and motors and the second was ‘Control’ who concentrated on the valve business.

The licence to manufacture agreements were now going the other way as Plessey sold licences throughout the world.

During the 1970’s the Swindon plant had become the most successful of all Plessey Business Units.

Alongside the standard and custom pump business the fan drive market was developed. This started with a demand from the bus industry when the engines were moved to the rear of the vehicle. As the pump for power steering was already supplied it was natural to extend this into a tandem pump configuration and provide a valve system to drive the cooling fan mounted onto a hydraulic motor.

By the late 1980’s Plessey were concentrating on their high technology businesses such as semi-conductor manufacture, radar systems and telecommunications networks. They had decided to sell off those parts of the business that did not fit with this core business strategy.  The Hydraulics business was one of those that did not fit and so the facility was sold to the Sundstrand Corporation of Rockford Illinois and became Sundstrand Hydratec.


1981 – 2000 Sundstrand Hydratec, Sauer Sundstrand, Sundstrand Sauer

Following the purchase there was a massive concentration on efficiency and cost  reduction. Capital became available for new equipment and a 5 year plan was established. A big gain from the purchase was working with Ames Engineering to create special close coupled packages combining hydrostatic products with gear pump products for high volume markets such as skid steer loaders. This combination provided cost and space savings for these very compact machines.

The tractor market continued to be supported from Swindon with a full time manager looking after and driving new projects on a Global basis. The introduction of the first open circuit piston pump integrated package (CCLS) at Ford Tractors was a direct result of this concentrated effort. The success of this project led directly to follow on projects throughout the world.

The fan drive business also prospered in the US with a huge market now available with concentrated support from the US sales team across the whole of North America. It was decided to make the Swindon plant the development centre for all fan drive projects and eventually a global team was set up to ensure the product development met the market need.


2000 – 2007 Sauer-Danfoss

During 1999 discussions were taking place to merge Sauer Sundstrand and Danfoss Fluid power and in 2000 the merger took place. From the Swindon perspective this was seen as a great opportunity to expand the vehicle systems and packaging possibilities with so many more products available in the company portfolio.

The aftermarket business became an increasingly important aspect of the Swindon plant output with products still produced in high volumes for many tractors models made from the 1950’s right the way through to the current models.

In 2007, Sauer Danfoss decided to focus on non-customised products. With the expertise in Swindon very much focused on customised products, Sauer Danfoss decided to sell the facility to Dynamatic Technologies of India.


2007 – present

Dynamatic Technologies were looking to expand into Europe to better support their quickly growing customer base. They are a major supplier to the tractor industry worldwide from their production base in Bangalore and so the Swindon facility was a perfect fit. Dynamatic UK Limited was established and became part of the Dynamatic Technologies Group of companies.

The fusion of the two organisations has set the stage for a huge leap forward in other manufacturing areas such as Automotive and the Aerospace industry.

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