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The purchase of the Swindon plant by Dynamatic   Technologies coupled together with the addition of a state-of-the-art engineering centre in Bangalore, adds an extra dimension to the engineering strength of the company, and sets the stage for an exciting potential for efficiency and growth.



Engineered solutions can be designed quickly and efficiently to fit the customers space envelope and engineering criteria.  These packages provide cost effective, and value added solutions based on customer needs.


Packages can be engineered that include :-

Open circuit piston pumps

    • 38cc/rev and 45cc/rev with pressure and flow compensator

    • Robust design speed ratings of 2600 rpm

    • Peak pressure ratings up to 350 bar, dependent upon displacement.

Open circuit gear pumps (in frame sixes)

    • SP2 and SP2.5 providing a wide range of displacement

    • Range of 5cc/rev to 45cc/rev

    • Speed ratings up to 3500 rpm

    • Peak pressure ratings up to 275 bar (dependent upon displacement).

    • Pumps can be engineered in multiples with special inlet configurations.


Supporting this is a range of pump mounted flow control valves and flow dividers in static and LS dynamic control to supply open circuit steering requirements.

Additional gear pumps can be incorporated to provide charge flows for hydrostatic transmissions.

Real cost savings are achieved by producing these compact, high density power packages which have the ability to add filters, specific internal galleries and drive gears.

Dynamatic® has also developed hydraulic products for Tractor OEMs in India and is also partnering with them on product improvement initiatives.







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